About Us


Sticks & Stones is a creative & production stable with specialisms in identity, campaigns, strategy, design & print, merchandise production as well as consultancy and on ground services to the entertainment & events industry. Though our roots are in design and creative, We’ve evolved organically over the years to incorporate production and events enhancement services and an urban wear line.

We believe and plan on remaining small enough to dedicate the attention to detail, creativity, fun and commitment to all our projects as we have always done from the start. We love what we do, even and especially when things get hard.

heart HEART

Having had very humble beginnings, we know and appreciate what it is like to pine for products or experiences that are great but out of our reach. To provide access to products & services of amazing quality, distinct and inspired origins, at reasonable pricing and in a fun, innovative way is what we always try to do.
It is not an easy path, nothing good or right ever is and we stumble along the way quite often, but it is a learning curve that we plan to stick to.

soul SOUL

When we started Sticks & Stones we were not sure about what we wanted… but we were very sure about what we did not want.
We didn’t want to compromise on quality, we didn’t want it to be just about the money, we didn’t want to turn into those somber run of the mill companies. What we did know was that the opportunity to express new ideas, challenge old mentalities, explore new boundaries and have fun, were all factors that we could embrace, make a profit & a difference.

spirit SPIRIT

It is our conviction that to achieve great ambitions, we can never do it alone. We work and collaborate with different partners and businesses from different industries with an aim of not only achieving company objectives, but also impacting our society & the environment in which we work positively. Creating & working on collaborative opportunities is a bridge for us to connect with other like-minded individuals and businesses.
It has so far proven a great learning platform and a humbling experience.



The journey of creating is a lonely and challenging one, beset on all sides by many inequities & pitfalls. We are glad to venture on it with those we call friends.